Lego Ideas Ghostbusters HQ hits 10.000 votes

The Ghostbusters HQ is the last Lego ideas project to achieve the 10.000 supporters, joining the restrict group constituted by the Assault on Wayne Manor, Invisible Hand, X-Men: X-Mansion, LEGO Lightsabers, UCS All Terrain Armored Transport, and WALL•E that have been selected for the second review.

This square building, which is the third Ghostbusters project that reaches this stage has almost two thousand and two hundred pieces and features three different levels and an endless list of nice details in the interior.

Opening the big side wall, it is possible to see the garage in the ground floor, the bedroom and the kitchen in the first floor and even a nice pool table and a bunch of heavy machinery on top, among a lot of nice stuff to enjoy. Congratulations and good luck for the next round.

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