Lego Hobbit – A few 2014 Rumors – updated with set box pictures

Yesterday on Eurobrick forum a few details were posted about the new wave of hobbit sets based on the Desolation of Smaug. A couple of months ago, the Lake Town Chase (79013) was unveiled at San Diego Comic Con but from then until now, there were no kind of additional information about the others.

Eurobrick user Kris Kelvin mentions a few details seen in a few blurry pictures and the expectation looks pretty high, according to what I’ve seen in forums and reference sites, not only because that the Lake Town chase was absolutely teasing but also because there is curiosity as it concerns to the Mirkwood Elf Army sets.According to rumors, The Lego 79011 – Dol Guldur Ambush will be the smallest

of the four and will brings three mini-figures, two orcs and a soldier, the 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army will have more than four hundred pieces and will feature 6 mini-figures (two orcs, three elves and a sort of elf king.

Finally The Dol Gulder Battle will probably be the head set and will have six mini-figures including Gandalf in Grey Uniform, a couple of orcs and a warrior with red beard. For now there are no retail prices or pictures and as it concerns of release dates they’ll probably on stores after the movie stars in cinemas which will happen next December!

— Updated October 20 —-

Gladly the rumors were true. Have a look at the new set boxes!

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