Lego Hero Factory – A possible 2014 set list

Hero Factory has finally appeared with great news and thanks once again to All About Bricks. According to their published rumors, which always have been truly consistent, this theme will have eight new sets with a range number between 44015 and 44022.

Honestly and I’ve said it before, I am not a true Hero Factory fan and looking to the set names, they don’t actually say much to me but I’m sure that some of you are expecting this set list for a long time. The usual look of the ugly guys should probably remain in most of them as well as a bunch of different color schemes.

While there are no available pictures or additional information, please have a look at all of them:

      • Lego 44015 – EVO Walker
      • Lego 44016 – Jaw Beast vs Stormer
      • Lego 44017 – STORMER Freezer Machine
      • Lego 44018 – FURNO Jet Machine
      • Lego 44019 – ROCKA Stealth Machine
      • Lego 44020 – FLYER Beast vs BREEZ
      • Lego 44021 – SPLIITTER Beast vs FURNO & EVO
      • Lego 44022 – EVO XL Machine

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