Lego Harry Potter – The Official Pictures

The sets were already known for some time, as well as their main visuals, but finally, it’s now possible to have a better perspective of them, especially by looking to the back of the set boxes where most of the times some new great features are unveiled.

The Hogwarts Great Hall (75954) is simply awesome; it is built with plenty of small pieces and shows an awesome design. However my favorite is absolutely the train (75955)! I missed all the previous releases but now, I will certainly have the opportunity to puts my hands on this new one. 

The sets will be available on stores next summer. Have a look at them:

75951 – Grindelwald’s Escape

75953 – Hogwarts Whomping Willow

75954 – Hogwarts Great Hall

75955 – Hogwarts Express

75956 – Quidditch Match

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