Lego Guardians of The Galaxy – Official Images

Pictures of the new Marvel Super Heroes Guardians of The Galaxy sets have been discovered in Amazon, giving a pretty much decent look of the three sets that were seen three days ago, somewhere in a 2017 Lego Catalogue.

Remembering, the three sets are Ravager Attack (76079) with 197 pieces and a retail price around the twenty five dollars, Ayesha’s Revenge (76080), 323 pieces and a value around the thirty five bucks and finally, the biggest of all, The Milano vs. The Abilisk (76081), 460 pieces, that should cost something around the fifty

All sets should be available next summer. Have a close look at them!

76079 – Ravager Attacklego-76079-super-heroes-guardians-galaxy lego-76079-super-heroes-guardians-galaxy-1 lego-76079-super-heroes-guardians-galaxy-2

76080 – Ayesha’s Revengelego-76080-super-heroes-guardians-galaxy lego-76080-super-heroes-guardians-galaxy-1 lego-76080-super-heroes-guardians-galaxy-2

76081 – The Milano vs. The Abilisk lego-76081-super-heroes-guardians-galaxy lego-76081-super-heroes-guardians-galaxy-1 lego-76081-super-heroes-guardians-galaxy-2

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