Lego Galaxy Squad – A New Space Subtheme in 2013

Looks like that the Galaxy Squad, a new sub-theme of space, has been, finally, revealed. There aren´t many pictures or even details but through a couple of pictures we can have an idea of what is coming up next. The sets will only be released next year and until know six are already known, at least their names.

Through the pictures, we can see that some monster, figures, insects, or whatever you want to call them are inspired in the old ninety’s theme, the Insectoids which as some of you might remember was a theme with pretty much success.  We can at least, count not only with great mini-figures as well as with big insects.

The available information is practically zero, however there are six known sets, until date, which are:

Lego 70700 – Space Swarmer

Lego 70701 – Swarm Interceptor

Lego 70702 – Warp Stinger

Lego 70703 – Space Mantis

Lego 70704 – Vermin Vaporizer

Lego 70705 – Bug Obliterator

Have a look at a couple of more:

In this one we can have a better look of the mini-insects:

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