Lego Galaxy Squad – High Definition pictures of the new summer sets

Although they’re not properly new, mostly thanks to the Lego Events in the beginning of the year, such as for instance Toy Fair, it is always a pleasure to see not only the new high definition images of the summer wave of Galaxy Squad sets with all its details, mini-figures, vehicles, and so on but also their set-boxes which most of the time show all the main features.

In this wave there is not properly a small set. The smallest is the Crater Creeper (70706), a twenty dollar set with hundred and seventy one pieces and two mini-figures. The CLS-89 Eradicator Mech (Lego 70707), belongs to the orange squad and is considerably bigger with four hundred and forty pieces but only two mini-figures. Its retail price will be around the forty dollars.

The Hive Crawler (Lego 70708) is basically a big insectoid with five hundred and sixty pieces that will include four three mini-figures. Fifty dollars is how you’ll have to spend to achieve it next July.

Finally the star of the company, the blue Galactic (Lego 70709) Titan with more than a thousand pieces and five mini-figures, two bugs and three blue galaxy squad soldiers. As you might guess, and following the same proportion of the others, this set won’t cost less that hundred bucks.

Have a look at the new galaxy squad sets:

70706 – Crater Creeper

70707 – CLS-89 Eradicator Mech

70708 – Hive Crawler

70709 – Galactic Titan

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