Lego Friends – The Official Game Play Trailer

The most popular Lego girls’ theme has just unveiled its new official game trailer. With Heartlake City in the center of all the action the most popular characters like Andrea or Emma will have plenty of activities to explore and play with.

Warner Bros is the responsible for posting the new trailer for this exciting new Lego game which will be for now available for Nintendo DS and 3DS. Below you can see in detail all the main game features which at the first glance give total freedom to the players to do what they wish most at any time, not only in terms of customizing the characters, but also to choose in which part of HeartLake city they want to play.

The game is already available for preorder in Amazon and will be on retail in the last day of November. Mean while Have a look at a complete discription:

Welcome to amazing Heartlake City where summer fun awaits! Meet your new LEGO® Friends and join them on exciting adventures that build friendships with the girls and allow you to express your individual style and personality as you explore the city.

Shop for the latest outfits and accessories, select the perfect hairstyle, decorate your bedroom and even pick out a pet. Choose how to spend your summer vacation; whether you’d rather attend horse riding camp, perfect a dance routine, play soccer, practice karate, or care for an animal at the rescue center, you can do these things and more as you express your creativity, and build fun memories with your five new friends!

Game features

Express Yourself: Pick out your clothing, hairstyle and accessories, decorate your bedroom the way you want, choose your favorite animal as a pet and even pick out accessories for your pet!

Meet New LEGO Friends: Join your new friends on unique adventures. Help Andrea decide what to sing at her concert, or take photos for Emma’s newspaper article. Enjoy different activities with each girl as you learn about her unique personality, interests and personal style.

Enjoy Total Freedom: Explore Heartlake City and decide how you want to spend your time. Hang out with your friends at the cafe, play soccer, attend dance rehearsal, or master skills at the karate dojo.

Build Your Friendships: Help your Friends on special adventures like winning a trophy in a horse riding competition or delivering cupcakes, and your friendship levels with the girls will grow closer to “True Friend” status. On some adventures you’ll even unlock in-game money that you can use for shopping!

Care for Your Pet: Train your pet to do tricks, groom her, feed her treats, and enter her in a pet show. Each pet has a special skill that they can use to help you on your adventures. You can even trade places with your fun-loving pet so you can play the game from her perspective.

Scrapbook Your Adventures: Use your in-game camera for photo-ops and create a beautiful scrapbook of fun memories, so you’ll never forget your summer adventures in Heartlake City.

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