Lego Friends –The Entire Set Line

An image of the entire Friends line has been published in the Swedish site brixit, containing all the sets that will make part of the next 2014 wave, available next January. The picture definition isn’t the best but clearly we can see for instance that the Sunshine Ranch (41039) is absolutely far away from the others, in terms of size.

Stephanie’s Beach House looks also very good with a few beach details and the Sunset Harvest will probably take us to some farm tasks which is an environment that was not seen since the last city sets. The three smallest sets were already unveiled and through what I’ve seen, they surely look an excellent wave entry.

Remember the complete set list:

Regular Sets:

Lego 41026 – Sunshine Harvest

Lego 41027 – Mia’s Lemonade Stand

Lego 41028 – Emma’s Lifeguard Post

Lego 40129 – Stephanie’s Newborn Lamb

Lego 40135 – Heartlake Juice Bar

Lego 40137 – Stephanie’s Beach House

Lego 40139 – Sunshine Ranch

Lego 40156 – Heartlake News Van

Lego 40157 – Heartlake Horse Show


Lego 41041 – Turtle’s Little Paradise

Lego 41042 – Tiger’s Beautiful Temple

Lego 41043 – Penguin’s Playground

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