Lego Friends 3189 – Horse Stable

The Horse Stable is a Friends Theme Set that will be released next summer. This stable has two horses and two girls which I think are Mia and Stephanie. Plenty of different and original colors and many features that increase the set’s playability are the main threads of the set.

If we take a look at the tools and features, looks like they won’t end because this set has six fences, two barriers to the horse’s train, many city flowers, a garbage can, a little cat, two drink cups (of course these couldn’t miss a set), a well with a bucket, books, saddles for the horses, brushes for the animals’ baths and much more. It is definitely a huge list.On the left side of the structure there is a stable for one of the two horses and next to it, the horse’s bath division.  This last one has a blue big bucket (there is also a yellow tap for a better access to the water) and  a couple of brushes. A white fence delimitates this area and prevents the animals to run away. Next to it there is a stable with a pink door (actually this has two parts) that has a green bucket for the animal drink some water.On the right side there is another stable, similar to the left one and a  garden with a small bench and the well which is quite cute. A final note for the training barriers that are very close to reality, very nice indeed. In the middle of the building horses can find some food and the girls some additional saddles.With more than four hundred pieces, this colored set has everything to give the girls some great hours of fun. But only beyond August…

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