Lego Friends 3188 – Heartlake Vet

Here we have another colored set for the girls with plenty of features and tons of accessories. The building is constituted by the clinic and for the waiting room which is quite comic when we think about a horse inside one. The set comes with two dolls, Mia and Sophie, and two animals, a horse and a small dog.

Like other friends’ sets, the different colors abuse all around, starting by the big plates that constitute the base. The Front wall of the clinic is all made of glass that includes a glass door with a mailbox on the left and a lamp on the right side and a long flower bed all around the wall. Talking about the flowers, some of them are very different from those that are used in city themes, but at the same time more realistic.Inside, there is a reception desk, with plenty of space for the costumers (can the horse entry here?). But there is much more, a x-ray machine, an aquarium and a patient’s bed with a big lamp constitute the main features of the clinic. The desk is also very complete because it has a phone, a computer and a small water machine.Next to the clinic, there is a small stable for the horse but at the same time it has some observation tools and some accessories for the animal’s welfare. There is a tap, outside in the garden, a pink door that indicates the entrance for the animal and a small box to put the food for the horse.This is all made with colored pieces, obviously directed for the girls. Even the smaller details were made thinking on them. For instance, next to the door there is a small picture with a drawn heart. The guys will surely hate these details. But the stable features don’t end here, because there is room for a couple of fences and another flower bed.The medic tools are endless and there is even a little car for the poppy. Globally, I would say that the girls will love the set. Forty dollars look like a fare price, according to the number of pieces, almost three hundred and fifty. If necessary the instructions can be found right here:

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