Lego Friends 3187 – Butterfly Beauty Shop

Today, I will talk about another set for the girls, the Butterfly Beauty Shop. This year’s set has more than two hundred and twenty pieces and two mini-dolls: Emma and Sara. And as usual in the theme, the set has plenty of different color pieces (I would say that some are almost exclusive of the theme) and tons of tools and accessories as well as nice and detailed features.

The Butterfly Beauty Shop or hair salon, if you prefer, is built on two pink plates and its walls are all made of glass. Even the entry’s atrium is very pleasant. Inside, at a corner, there is a bunch of lipsticks (they are rather bigger than the lips but who cares) and in the middle, there is a big box with some spring hairs (I will confirm this part with my daughter).The chair for the hairdresser is a must as well as the mirror. They are definitely very nice with the value, that are made with very simple pieces. My congratulations to the designers. On the other corner there is the reception with the registration desk with a nice printed panel piece.Outside there is more fun. A nice park bench with a fountain near by, are some added value accessories not only to the set but also to any town because they can easily fit in every corner. Besides those, there are also some publicity panels and a small game panel that surely will entertain the ladies while they’re waiting for their turn.Globally is a good addition to the theme and for about twenty five dollars, it looks like a good deal. If necessary, the instructions can be downloaded from the following link:

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