Lego Friends 3186 – Horse Trailer

The Horse Trailer is a new Summer set of the Friendstheme and definitely was inspired in the 2009 city set, 4WD with Horse Trailer (7635) because the similarities are plenty, as well as the features. The set, besides the car and the trailer, has also a white horse, a small stable and many tools for Emma (the only figure) to play with.

The car is a nice convertible, it is not too long but is wide, which gives it room in the cockpit for two passengers. As I said previously, the resemblances are many and if you look to the front of the car, you will think: “the guys cute this part from the Range Rover (7635) and putted it right here”.

But that’s perhaps the only thing in common because everything is quite different, specially the color pieces that are used (I think that some of them are only used in this theme). The bar protection in the cockpit and the license plate at the front are some of the nice details of the car. Finally, there is even room, at the back, for a small trunk, where Emma can store some of the blue accessories of the horse care.

The trailer is Copy/paste of the city set. The chassis has the wheel axes in the middle and uses the same attaching mechanism of the city vehicles. Once the chassis is built, the body of the trailer is basically made of five big blue pieces stuck in the top with two additional 2×4 pieces and a tipper door at the back similar to the twin set. If the girls like the stickers, go ahead because there are plenty in the set.

The set has also a horse care stable with some food, an additional saddle and even a train barrier for the horse. There is nothing to complain about the set’s playability, for sure. The set, in my opinion, has about two hundred pieces and looking at the similar sets, we should except a price around the twenty dollars.

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