Lego Friends 3183 – Stephanie’s Cool Convertible

The Stephanie’s convertible is a new Friends’ set with plenty of color and accessories. With exactly hundred and thirty pieces, a figure, Stephanie, a little dog and a wash car park, this is definitely a nice entry to the theme. Besides that, there are tons of accessories specially ladies stuff. My daughter will surely love this set.

Starting by the car, it is wide, six dots wide, perhaps a bit large because comparing it with a truck it has the same width. Building it, you will notice that the chassis is made of several different colored parts and I must say that some colors are quite different from the usual, the blue from the wheel arches, for instance.Inside the cockpit, the seats are an innovation, for sure. A flat piece for the seat and for the legs there is a small piece with an indentation in the middle to hold them. Behind it, there a small trunk for the little dog (I guess that it will fall if Stephanie accelerates too much), and at the front there is perhaps my favorite detail of the vehicle: A round windshield which is very rare but very nice. The wash park is, besides this set, a good addition to a city. It has a different street lamp, a bench and a wash area with a tap, a bucket and a bottle of shampoo. The double tap is perhaps the most realistic one that I ever seen. All this features are built on a gray plate that fits perfectly at every city corner or street. For about forty dollars it is surely a good theme’s entry with plenty of colors and girls accessories. If necessary, the instructions can be found in Lego’s database:

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