Lego Friends 3065 – Olivia’s Tree House

The Olivia’s Tree House is a girl’s set released this year and it is definitely a fine entry set to the friend’s theme. With almost two hundred pieces, the girls will surely love the features and accessories that this set has as well as the “thousands and thousands” of different colors. The set has one figure, Olivia, and two animals: a cat and a little bird (I think that the dead fish doesn’t count).

The core of the set is of course the tree and its house (well, I think that is more a platform than a house, but it is ok) but there is more in terms of features: there is a bird house (this is the one that is a house…), a ladder to climb the house, a bowl at the top of the tree to enjoy the views, a binocular, a bed for the cat and in the garden there is a park bench.The tree is solid built with brown pieces and green branches, which will receive the structure for the house. On the edges for Olivia safety, there are some pink barriers to avoid the fall in case of distraction. At a corner, there is room for a binocular that is easily removable from the base.Talking about accessories and different pieces, they also don’t have anything to complain. There are new types of flowers, butterflies on the trees, a fish and a milk carton for the cat, a garbage can and lots of different kinds of colors. A final note for the bird’s house: it seems that have come from an advent calendar’s set.For about twenty dollars, girls will surely love it. It is even a nice addition to a town because it has different pieces, accessories and colors from the usual ones. If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

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