Lego Friends 3061 – City Park Cafe

The City Park Cafe is a new year’s set with plenty of colors and features. Just the fact that it is a Friends’ set it is automatically synonymous of that. The set has almost two hundred and thirty pieces and two girls: Andrea and Marie and is definitely a good deal not only to the theme, but also to add it to a city. If you think that the dolls don’t combine, just replace it for a couple of mini-figures.

The Cafe is a nice building and it is all made of glass. The two base plates are unusual not only in its shape but also in its color. Inside there is lots of stuff to have fun: a snack bar with an ice-cream machine, a register (which is a printed piece) with money inside and below it an unusual drawer and in front of it a support table with two bottles.

And it is not over, because next to the entry, there is a nice table with two seats (and these one are different of the usual chairs that are used everywhere…) and a set table with dishes forks, knifes and much more. And of course, at the corner, there is, an equipped kitchen with a stove and oven (there is even a yellow pan), and a dishwasher with a tap.Outside, in the terrace, the fun goes on. There is a round table with two round seats, a toy machine, a flowerbed, a decorative fence, at the corner, and at the back a washing brush. Well there is plenty to play with, for sure, but there is more if we think in the tons of accessories.There are cakes of different colors and shapes, cutlery for everyone, a pan with a skimmer, glasses and crystals of different types, flowers everywhere, a juice package, and at the corner there is even an outdoor with the menu. As you see the playability could not be better. The girls will surely love it.For about thirty euros looks like a good deal. The instructions can be easily downloaded from here:

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