Lego Friends 2013 – New Sets

The girls with surely be delighted with the great rumors about the new sets. There is a bunch of different scenarios, mini dolls, as well as new buildings and vehicles. This is perhaps the theme that most increased the sales and as a consequence, it is surely one where the expectation for pictures, confirmations and release dates is very high.

There will be a new jetski, a football training where Stephanie, I guess, can score some nice goals,  Ema will have at her disposal a very nice Karate Dojo to kick some bricks, a new Magic show will appear in town with Mia and her rabbit, Andreas will have a new Jet Ski, similar to the previous one, according to same Friends fans.

A new Pet Shop will also be available in the town with some animals and a couple of mini-figures and Olivia will have the opportunity to care about a little foal. But the news don’t end here because there will be also a new stage with plenty of nice details and features and finally a big swimming pool with an unusual basket ball game , a house for the swimmers change their clothes.

Let’s have a look at this extensive list available in several sites and forums:

41000 Jetski

41001 Magician

41002 Karate

41003 Foal

41004 Practice Stage

41007 Pet Parlor

41008 Pool

41011 Soccer

41013 Car

41017 Squirrel

41018 Cat

41019 Turtle

41020 Hedgehog

41021 Poodle

41022 Bunny

All these will certainly available until Christmas. Let’s wait for additional details and pictures.

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