Lego 7239 – Fire Truck

This Fire truck is one of the most consensual sets in fire theme. It combines perfectly with rescue sets or even with a fire station. Personally it’s one of the vehicles that are parked in my 7945 fire station. The set is composed by a 6 wheel truck and a trailer with a boat. The truck is quite complete in terms of equipment. It has a small room to store some equipment, a box with helmets, masks, oxygen bombs and all other stuff that you remember to put there.

The hose in the left side and the stairs in the roof make this truck an excellent vehicle to attack an urban fire incident. The two firemen that are present can perfectly handle with all the operation. In a crises environment, a fire for instance, the vehicle is immobilized the two supports that are gathered in the middle of the truck.
The trailer is quite cute. It has a small but interesting boat. This boat lately survived to my son’s last bath and passed distinctly the test. The trailer has also room for more equipment because it has two small compartments one on each side. In this moment there are empty but at any moment they can be filled with some helmets.

What I like most? The all set for it self and perhaps the stairs platforms that turn around the 360º degrees. What I like few? I wouldn’t say that I don’t like but when I look at the 7945 big truck I usually think: If those articulated stairs where here, that would be perfect.

Well it’s a 2005 set, we can not forget, many other sets were released since then and this one still one of the best fire trucks ever released.

The Lego 7239 is a 2005 set, it has 211 pieces and 2 mini-figures. You can find the instructions here:

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