Lego Fan Event 2012 in Lisbon – Part 4: The Pirates

For the Pirates, it was reserved a considerable table with plenty of Space. The boats were almost endless with nice details such as the sails, the custom mini-figures, the cannons and much more. There was even a so called “nau dos descobrimentos” a typical Portuguese boat of the fifteenth century (discovering age).

But the theme wasn’t just for the bad guys and its boats. The pirates had also an interesting village in a hidden bay with plenty of things to look at: a big watermill, a fortress, and even a suspended jail for the prisoners where some of the many features that this village had. Sharks everywhere and some small rafts composed the shore. The skull cavern was not even forgotten.

But the army was rather well prepared with dozens of soldiers, cannons, a big white fortress and some very nice custom ships. At the same time they had a small town to protect, which remembered the castle’s environment. The town besides the beautiful houses had also a very unusual shipyard with a boat under construction and dozen of nice details and features.

The town constructions were clearly inspired  in the castle’s theme, not only because of the aesthetic but mostly because of the pieces’ colors and shapes. The kingdom’s carriages with beautiful horses were also present, and were in great position to be the highlight in the table.

Take a look at the pictures:

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