Lego Fan Event 2012 in Lisbon – Part 2: City (2)

Yes, it is necessary a second half for the city presentation because the exposition was endless. Below, at the gallery, you’ll continue finding a bunch of nice creations as well as known city themes. The farm environment has a close look, with the beautiful gardens and even the quite realistic greenhouses.

In terms of vehicles, the orange tank truck made me laugh because I never expected to see such a curious (but very nice) modification. The urban environment transmitted very well the sensation of confusion and movement, typical of the big cities, thanks to the huge quantity and diversity of vehicles and people that are present, as well as the nice details that are all around (lamps, trees, gardens, signs, benches and much more).

The camp or the forest if you prefer had a wide are with plenty of green plates, diverse trees and bushes, which was the perfect environment to put the newest 2012 sets of the forest police and forest fire fight.The MOC were also amazing, I specially remember the big wheel and the nice carousel with the goblin’s faces on the top. In terms of known vehicles, almost all the sub-themes were present: police, fire, traffic, the harbor with nice boats and bridges, trains and much more, almost everything was there.

Take a careful look at the photos below because you will surely enjoy them. The Event was awesome.

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