Lego Elves – The Official Summer Images

Just as the summer gets closer, the official images of the new sets are gradually being unveiled, just like it happened to elves recently. I’m not a truly fan of this theme but there are surely a lot of playability to enjoy and lots of great features.

This new wave of Elves sets include the Precious Crystal Mine (41177), the Dragon sanctuary (41178), the Queen Dragon’s Rescue (41179) and the biggest of all the Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle (41180) that will be available in June just most part of the other a look at the pictures:

41177 – Precious Crystal Mine
41178 – Dragon Sanctuarylego-elves-41178-1 lego-elves-41178-2 lego-elves-41178-3

41179 – Queen Dragon’s Rescuelego-elves-41179-1 lego-elves-41179-2 lego-elves-41179-3

41180 – Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castlelego-elves-41180-1 lego-elves-41180-2 lego-elves-41180-3

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