Lego Elves 2016 Official Pictures

Pictures of the new Elves sets have finally surfed in internet, showing the fans all the news of the 2016 first wave of sets. And I must tell you that at home I know some one that will beg for all of them…

The set list will be constituted by Emily Jones and the Baby Wind Dragon (41171), The Water Dragon Adventure (41172), Elvendale School of Dragons (41173), The Starlight Inn (41174), Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave (41175) and finally the Secret Market Place (41176) that will be available only next

Have a close look at the set boxes:

41171 – Emily Jones and the Baby Wind DragonLego-Elves-41171 41172 – The Water Dragon AdventureLego-Elves-41172

41173 – Elvendale School of DragonsLego-Elves-41173

41174 – The Starlight InnLego-Elves-41174-

41175 – Fire Dragon’s Lava CaveLego-Elves-41175

41176 – The Secret Market PlaceLego-Elves-41176-

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