Lego Duplo – Three New Planes Sets

Based on the new Planes Walt Disney Movie, Lego will launch at least three new Duplo sets with plenty of color and some great new vehicles for the kids. For now are known the 10509 (Dusty and Chug), 10510 (Ripslinger’s Air Race) and 10511 (Skipper’s Flight School) which in my opinion look really great!

This small wave of sets, as you can see through the pictures brings plenty of planes, Dusty and Chug with only sixteen pieces are a plane and a tow truck with a small workshop, Ripslinger’s Air Race, with forty pieces is a nice festival with a couple of planes, a podium and a big presentation entry and finally the bigger Shipper flight school brings a nice building with two planes and a crew member.For a specific target, these sets look really great, providing the small children not only an excellent introduction to the Lego World, but also some nice playability through all its features. Please have detailed look at them:

10509 (Dusty and Chug)

10510 (Ripslinger’s Air Race)

10511 (Skipper’s Flight School)

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