Lego Duplo – New pictures of 2013 Sets

The younger have surely plenty to choose from next year. Although I’m not even a small consumer of these kind of sets, I must admit that the theme next year will be rather good, with plenty of new ideas, vehicles, colors and after all a bunch of big fun for the kids. From a list of eighteen sets, fourteen, until now, were finally revealed.

There will be sets more focused on girls with rose as a predominant color, such as the family’s house (10505), Ariel’s under sea’s castle (my daughter can’t even think that this one exists…) or even the smaller stable. The zoo environment, until the moment is also quite well represented with a nice safari bus and a sea lions how.

A big circus will also be available as well as smaller vehicles such a garbage truck, a big loader and even a circus van. Please have a look at the available pictures and take your first conclusions:

Lego 10500 – Stable and 10550 – Circus Van

Lego 10502 – Zoo, safari bus and 10504 – Big Circus

Lego 10503 – Zoo, sea lion show and 10520 – Big loader

Lego 10505 – Family house and 10515 – Ariel’s Undersea Castle

Lego 10517 – My First Garden and 10553 – Toddler Build and Play Cubes

Lego 10519 – Garbage Truck and 10558 – Number Train

Lego 10554 – Toddler Build and Pull along and 10561 – Toddler starter building set

One thought on “Lego Duplo – New pictures of 2013 Sets

  1. Thank you for the pictures and the info! I am SUPER excited about the new sets! I am primarily excited about the Little Mermaid sets as well as the Garbage Truck set.
    I was wondering if you knew, by chance, when they would be releasing these sets? I looked for any info I could find but didn’t locate anything. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!


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