Lego Duplo 2012 Super Packs

The younger fans will also have the great opportunity to have a nice gift. The Duplo theme will soon have two super packs 3×1 on stores. Particularly I have no intention to buy anyone of them and my experience with this kind of sets is not much, but I must say that these packs look rather interesting.

One of them, the Lego 66429, will contain a nice power city train with a locomotive and a similar wagon, a small railway station, three figures and a bunch of rails. But the features don’t end here because there is also an extra rail pack and a big red bridge that integrates perfectly with the rails. The pack has also a big structure which seems to be a train washing bridge.

The other super pack, the Lego 66430, has a different concept inspired in the zoos. Among other this the pack contains a Zoo truck three figures (two zoo workers and the driver), a bunch of nice but different animals such as bears, an elephant, a lion and a long giraffe, and lots of food to feed them.

Usually these kinds of packs have a good value for money and I am sure that next Christmas the children will be delighted to receive them. Please take a look at the packs’ detailed composition:

Lego 66429

  • 2734 Straight Track (Straight Rails)
  • 3774 Bridge
  • 5608 Train Starter Set

Lego 66430

  • 4962 Baby Zoo
  • 6172 Zoo Truck
  • 6173 Panda

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