Lego Disney Mini-Figures Series – The Box Distribution

The details of the eighteen characters of the new Disney series of collectable mini-figures were already known for a while, however the quantity of each one in the big blue box was still a mystery.

Today, it looks like that someone has solved the mystery and the distribution is definitely quite balanced allowing to get three complete sets on each box: Alien, Genie, Mickey, Mr. Incredible, Stitch and Syndrome will appear four times and Aladdin, Alice, Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Hook, Cheshire Cat, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Maleficent, Minnie, Peter Pan and Ursula, three.LEGO-COLLECTABLE-MINI-FIGURES-series-disney

The new Series will be available soon on stores with a retail price around the four dollars.LEGO-COLLECTABLE-MINI-FIGURES-series-disney-1

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