Lego Dimensions – A short round up about the new packs

In the last days, a lot of new information in terms of new Lego Dimensions has been revealed, namely at E3 2016. There will be four different waves and the first one that is scheduled for next September will contain Ghostbusters (71242), Adventure Time Level Pack (71245), Adventure Time Team Pack (71246), Harry Potter (71247), Mission Impossible (71248), and The A-Team (71251).

The others are planned for next November and 2017 January/March. The exact set list of each wave isn’t detailed for now but there several packs that are already presented namely: Sonic The Hedgehog (71244), the Gremlins (71256), E.T. (71257), Knight Rider (71252), the Goonies, Teen Titans GO (71254) and the Powerpuff

Lego City Underground and the Batman Movie will also be part of this huge collection. Enjoy them!

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