Lego Dawn of Justice Batmobile – The First Picture

The first image of the new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile set has been unveiled by the Wall Street Journal, showing what will the main attraction of the new DC Comics super heroes’ set.

The set number hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s already know that the box will bring exactly three hundred and six pieces which, besides the batmobile, will also feature a second vehicle, (probably smaller than this one) and three mini-figures including Batman. All this with an expected retail price around the thirty dollars will definitely be a pretty interesting deal.

Having a quick look at the vehicle, it looks great in terms of design, sturdy enough to fight back the enemy and with some nice features to enjoy. At the front it is possible to see a couple of stud shooters and according to the source, the doors will easily open, giving access to the interior and all its presumable details.

Officially, the set will be presented next week on the 2015 San Diego Comic Com, so probably in the next days, new pictures will surf in the internet, and will start retailing in the beginning of 2016, probably at the same time that the movie hit cinemas.

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