Lego Creator – The First 2017 Sets

As you were probably expecting, here is the first wave of the new 2017 Creator sets. The list is not too long, it has only five sets, but there are definitely plenty of nice models to enjoy, especially in the secondary options!

The sets, that are all 3×1, are the Green Cruiser (31056), the Air Blazer (31057), the Mighty Dinosaurs (31058), the Sunset Street Bike (31059) and finally the Air Show Aces (31060). My vote clearly goes to this last one which adds to the building experience, a great touch of playability!lego-creator-2017-31056-31057-31058-31059-31060

All of them will be available next January on general retail. Have a close look!

31056 – Green Cruiserlego-31056-creator lego-31056-creator-1 lego-31056-creator-2 lego-31056-creator-3

31057 – Air Blazerlego-creator-31057 lego-creator-31057-1 lego-creator-31057-2 lego-creator-31057-3

31058 – Mighty Dinosaurslego-creator-31058 lego-creator-31058-1 lego-creator-31058-2 lego-creator-31058-3

31059 – Sunset Street Bikelego-creator-31059 lego-creator-31059-1 lego-creator-31059-2

31060 – Air Show Aceslego-creator-31060 lego-creator-31060-1 lego-creator-31060-2 lego-creator-31060-3

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