Lego Creator – Ten new sets in 2014

Definitely looks like since yesterday, the 2014 sets have a new wave of rumors and Creator is no exception. At least ten new sets are planned to be released along 2014 and if we take a close look to the range number it’s easy to discover a few unfilled numbers which suggests that during next year a couple of more will be announced.

For now, the list looks pretty interesting with special attention for the 31015 – Emerald Express. Would this be a new train? I surely hope so, preferentially powered which I know it’s not usual in this theme. There are also a few ones that by the name are not so appellative, such as the forest animals (which can be seen here) but globally almost all of them seems pretty interesting.

Have a look at the complete list:

• Lego 31013 – Red Thunder

• Lego 31014 – Power Digger

• Lego 31015 – Emerald Express

• Lego 31017 – Sunset Speeder

• Lego 31018 – Highway Cruiser

• Lego 31019 – Forest Animals

• Lego 31020 – Twinblade Adventures

• Lego 31021 – Furry Creatures

• Lego 31022 – Turbo Quad

• Lego 31025 – Mountain Hut

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