Lego Creator Summer Sets

The day has been particularly rich in terms of news or revelations about the second wave of 2018 Lego sets. Let’s have a look at Creator that has anticipated four new 3×1 sets whose images were release in the French Amazon.

The set list reveals for now the Universe full of Surprises (31077), the Cruise Adventures  (31083), the Pirates Rollercoaster (31084) and finally the Stunt Truck Transporter (31085), four medium size sets with prices between the forty and one hundred bucks.

The sets should be available on retail next June. Have a look at the available pictures (the quality could be better…) and enjoy!

31077 – Universe full of Surprises  31083 – Cruise Adventures  31084 – Pirates Rollercoaster  31085 – Stunt Truck Transporter

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