Lego Creator 5770 – Lighthouse Island

The lighthouse Island is one of my favorite sets of last year. It has three possible building models with nice details and a lot of interesting features. The box has more than five hundred pieces, a mini-figure and a small boat. Different form everything, it will surely be a good addition not only for a town but specially if there is a harbor near by.

The building is based on two blue plates, simulating the water, and just above them a green structure, that pretends to be the land. After that the house starts rising up. Made with red and gray pieces, one of the walls opens to increase the playability and the access to the interior.Inside, there is only a small table with the old good coffee cup. The doors and the window, “made of wood” are also cute and very unusual, specially the door. The light house’s ground floor  is basically the base for the rest of the tower because inside it is completely empty, having only two small windows.

The first floor has the some look of the ground floor, but inside it hides a clever mechanism, made with technique pieces, that will allow the big light, placed on the last floor, to turn around the 360 degrees. The harbor (4645 set, for example) boats will surely appreciate the help.Finally, in the second floor, as expected, there is the light tower that fits in the central shaft of the mechanism. It is all made of glass, with a powerful spotlight inside and will turn around easily with the help of a side handle. For safety, all around the spotlight there are same white barriers in order to protect the lighthouse keeper. Talking about this fellow, it is quite realistic, specially its torso.

Outside, in front of the door, there is a barbecue and a small dock for the little boat. This one is simple and fast to build but it has details that honestly are very rare to find in bigger models. Starting by the boat’s handle, it is made with three different pieces. Usually for the handles, Lego uses the traditional steering wheel used in every vehicle. The other thing that calls attention is the engine. The little engine is made with eight pieces and it is surely quite detailed. I specially appreciate its propeller.The other two possible models are simpler, according to the necessary number of pieces and are basically a workshop for the boat or a small restaurant with a terrace near by the water. In both alternative models, the boats are completely different from each other and the playability keeps the high level..

Globally the set deserves the effort to be bought. The forty dollars that it costs in the retail makes it a very good deal. If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

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