Lego Creator 2017 – A couple of additions to the set list

The new Creator set list has just been increased with two new sets that will join the next January wave: the Beachside Vacation (31063) and the Park Street Townhouse (31065), two new buildings that clearly give this wave a nice city look.

The smaller one, the Beach Side Vacation, features two hundred and seventy five pieces and show three seaside building options that includes a couple of mini-figures .On the other hand, the Park street Townhouse is considerably bigger with five hundred and sixty six bricks and shows also three possible buildings and also a couple of

Presumably, both will be available next January with prices around the thirty and sixty dollars, respectively.

Beachside Vacation (31063)lego-31063-creator lego-31063-creator-1

Park Street Townhouse (31065)lego-31065-creator lego-31065-creator-1

Thanks to hothbricks for the share!

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