Lego Collectable Mini-Figures Series 18 – The First Pics

Pictures of the possible characters that might be part of the new series of collectable mini-figures, have been published this morning on several websites, giving a nice consistency to the rumors that these might be the guys that will make part of the next series.

If it’s true, as despite not being one of the best series in my opinion,there are surely some really pretty figures in the next release. My favorites, at the first glance, are the Fireworks guy, the Birthday cake guy, the Red Dragon Suit and the race car boy. Please keep in mind that this is not an official revelation, so the names and figures might not be correct.

Takr a look at them and enjoy!

Red Suit Brick GuyPolice Officer

Elephant Suit GirlFireworks Guy

Red Dragon Suit Guy

Birthday Cake Guy

Race Car Guy

Flower Girl

Blue Brick Girl

Blue Unicorn Knight

Orange Balloon LEGO Fan Boy

Spider Suit Guy

Purple Balloon Girl

Cactus Girl

Cowboy Suit Guy

Balloon Artist Clown

Cat Suit Guy

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