Lego Collectable Mini-figures Series 16 – (Finally…) The Official Pictures

Lego has just revealed the official pictures of the new Series 16 of collectable mini-figures (71013)  that are really close (it seems that they are already available in a few countries and on Shop@Home too) to hit general retail.

With no surprise, they’re once again simply awesome and they’re a few ones that I’ll certainly not miss, namely the Banana Guy, the Hiker with its detailed suite and accessories, the Ice Queen for her beauty and the Mariachi with his

The sixteen mini-figures should retail as usual with a price around the three dollars. Have a close look at them:


Penguin Boylego-mini-figures--series-16-penguin-boy

Banana Guylego-mini-figures--series-16-banana-guy


Scallywag Piratelego-mini-figures--series-16-pirate

Spooky Boylego-mini-figures--series-16-spooky-boy

Ice Queenlego-mini-figures--series-16-ice-queen


Wildlife Photographerlego-mini-figures--series-16-wildlife-photografer

Cute Little Devillego-mini-figures--series-16-little-devil

Cyborglego-mini-figures--series-16-little-cyborgDesert Warriorlego-mini-figures-series-16-desert-warrior

Dog Show Winnerlego-mini-figures--series-16-dow-show-winner



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