Lego Collectable Mini-Figures Series 14 – The first rumored list

And here we go again with a first round of rumors, this time with the series 14 of Lego collectable mini-figures. A list of possible characters has been posted on eurobricks (via a Czech website) containing the name of sixteen new figures that will probably be released in the end of this year.

The names aren’t for sure their final version (don’t forget that besides a rumor, this is a translated list) but they seem consistent in one thing: they are all inspired on monsters which might indicate some trend or theme of the new mini-figures series.

And I must say that I’m quite curios to see the Plant Monster and the Rocket Monster! Have a look at the 16 guys:

    • Bigfoot
    • Tiger Woman
    • Werewolf
    • Zombie Pirate Captain
    • Zombie Cheerleader
    • Zombie Businessman
    • Plant Monster
    • Mad Scientist
    • The Fly
    • Crazy Witch
    • Gargoyle
    • Rocker Monster
    • Lady Vampire
    • Grim Reaper
    • Ghost
    • Skeleton

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