Lego City Undercover Wii U- A New Game Trailer

A new trailer of the new Wii U game, that will be released next March 18th, has been spotted on the internet. And this two minutes film are surely a great sample of what will be the new Wii game. Chase McCaine, the main character, will assume several disguises according to the chosen mission.

On the other hand, the players will be able to choose from a great bunch of different vehicles to play with, since police motorcycles and cars, helicopters, high speed convertibles and even helicopters among others. The city itself looks rather big which certainly will make the game less repetitive in terms of scenarios.

In terms of Wii features, apparently a map will be displayed on the game pad allowing a better overview over the entering city and helping to find hidden items and also advanced features as the games progresses to higher levels.

And if you’re a true city fan, you’ll love to see a bunch of known vehicles such as, for instance, the 2010 tram (8404), the smart (3177) with multiple colors, many police vehicles and a lot of great new cars, bikes and boats (that red ferry boat of the trailer is really awesome).

The inside scenarios, present on most scenes of the game, namely the prisons, the workshops inside the prison, and even the hospital are also highly detailed with excellent graphics and have a huge quantity of nice mini-figures. A final note, there will be plenty of single golden and white studs pieces everywhere, most of them should be collected to win bonus.

Meanwhile, have a look at the movie and some additional photos below:

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