Lego City Undercover: «There was no game until today with cops and robbers without a single shot fired»

Have a look at this interview with Loz Doyle, Lego’s Executive Producer, about the new Lego city undercover. This is a translation from the Portuguese online Diario Digital and the original can be viewed right here:

«LEGO City: Undercover” was one of the most anticipated titles of the Wii U. Before breaking into the world market, the expectation was huge, even more due to the game being released on the new Nintendo console. Therefore, on the TT Games fell an enormous pressure, at least theoretically. However, the company’s executive producer, Loz Doyle, confessed to the Digital Journal that nervousness never fumbled the design of the game. “We know what we are doing,” he assured.

«LEGO City: Undercover» has achieved a tremendous success worldwide. There are several factors for this: the respect it shows the name LEGO, the game itself (story created from scratch), the possibility that the GamePad delivers, mood (fundamental part of the title), the entertainment, the diversity of the game, etc.. Loz Doyle admits that he was surprised with the final product, a title that turned out to be more extensive than originally planned, to the delight of the players.

«LEGO City: Undercover” is, in a sense, a break with the past of videogames LEGO?

I think that it has the same DNA, but differs in play style. It was very nice to work on something completely original, we had a lot of freedom to create something new.

How did appear the idea of ??the game?

We always wanted to create a game LEGO City, but it took some time to figure out what this game could be. We idealized a prototype of a city, its environment, and immediately we had the idea to drive through it, with LEGO cars. The truth is that it took much longer to develop and refine game play throughout the history of the original idea itself.

Initially, they decided to release the game exclusively for the Wii U. Why? Due to the GamePad, the new playability that  it offered?

We already had the game in development, but only when we saw an early version of GamePad we realize that it was perfect for our game. The designers did a great job, offering new ways to play.

In your opinion, the GamePad features are a revolution in the world of videogame? Were you surprised with the GamePad?

I think we were all very surprised at the versatility of the GamePad. Obviously that is unique, in addition to providing resources rather interesting. In reality, there are not many games that are not beneficial to have a touch screen, which adds something more to the traditional buttons.

Do you consider “LEGO City: Undercover» a pure adventure game? How would you define the title?

Definitely is a game of action and adventure, with a good dose of humor. Incidentally, we knew from the beginning that the game should have an ironic tone and always had this focus. We also know that the newest and teenagers love our fighting games, but the combat scenes are of course very different from ‘Batman’, for example, since we’re a cop and have a fighting style so different. There are also the driving with a lot of fun. The ability to jump between vehicles also adds a new dimension to the game. Yes, it is definitely a game of action and adventure.

Let’s talk about the mood, undoubtedly one of the main features of the title…

As I mentioned, the mood was one of the main ‘parts’ of the game. The aim was to create a series of interesting characters, funny and full of personality. Even today I laugh with some scenes, even after hearing them several times. This proves how the mood of the game is good.

Believes that humor should always be present in the games? It’s something you always look?

Yes, for sure. I think even that is something that defines our games.  We always propose to do this, since the first “LEGO Star Wars”, bringing a cheeky humor to the story. All our games have a high level ironic, is in the style ‘slapstick’ or in the style of today. While this makes us laugh, and also children, all is well.

How LEGO influenced your work? There was some kind of restriction?

We are accustomed to working with LEGO. Personally, I work with them for 13 years. That is, we have a notion of what we should or should not do, as far as we can go. There are also designers and business professionals who work with us, for example in the construction and creation of new LEGO models. For “LEGO City: Undercover» several new vehicles had to be created. This was one of the real challenges of the game, since all the models we see on TV have to “live” in the real world, shall be constructed in accordance with the expectations of LEGO, from its simplicity in construction, for only that way they can be fun on children. That meant a rigorous approvals process for vehicles, but fortunately everything worked. All vehicles that we see can be built in real life, provided that we have the proper parts.

But it was difficult to adjust the game to the LEGO universe?

Not really. We have done this for years, all our games are completely covered with the LEGO philosophy in mind. Note that we’re not creating the game and adapt it to LEGO, LEGO is simply, since the embryo is 100% LEGO.

What do you like most in the game? What really surprised you?

I love driving and shock at all, collecting the ‘bricks’, I could do this for hours; also love to hear people’s conversations, listen to what they are talking about. I like the fact that it is always a friendly way, to find collectible pieces, especially the series of mini-figures, something very ‘cool’. Regarding the title itself, I was surprised by the final size of the game is huge. I need about 50 hours to reach the end. And I know where things are …

The policeman and the thief is a fascinating subject for any child and adult, but also an appellant. That’s an additional challenge when trying to find a new light?

I honestly do not think the issue has been addressed so far. Usually we are the villain and why is important to see the other side. It is also good to approach the subject from an angle not violent. The truth is that until now there weren’t any  cops and robbers games without a single shot fired.

LEGO has a huge legacy. Feel some pressure?

We always felt some pressure to ensure that our games and standards are always high, and the LEGO. But we have confidence in our abilities and our connection with LEGO, which is very strong. We know what we’re doing!

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