Lego City – The first pics of the 2014 sets

A couple of pics extracted from a booklet pdf have been surfing in the internet and despite the average resolution we can fortunately see what it’s coming up next not only in terms of new police sets bur also in terms of great vehicles.

The police sets are globally an upgrade of the existing ones, with a few interesting details, such as the prisoners’ escape in the big Police Station (60047), the green vehicle and the robber hideout (sort off…) of the helicopter surveillance (60046) or even the couple of boats of the river police patrol (60045).

On the other hand, the great vehicles bring in this new wave, some new amazing sets. Personally I took my attention on the edges: on one hand the new Auto transporter (60060) and on the other, the small light repair truck (60054) – absolutely fantastic. The camper van with a canoe (60057) and the jeep with boat look a bit more of the same and finally the new Airport fire truck (60061) seems an excellent upgrade of the 2006 model, despite its large size that decreases its mobility in the city road plates.

Globally, new great sets are quickly approaching, please have a look at all of them…

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