Lego City Super Packs for Christmas

Super packs are definitely one of the most interesting Lego products in terms of value for money. Easily you get some sets with an interesting discount compared to the option of buying them separately. Normally most of the Lego themes present one of more super packs by this time of the year and City is certainly one of them.

Recently some fan sites discovered images that might show the options for this year. Until this moment six!! Super packs are about to be released: the Lego 66626 that will have fire sets, the Lego 66451 that will have city vehicles, the forest police will have available two options: the Lego 66427 and the smaller 66346.

Finally the city police will also have two different packs: the big one 66428 and the small 66412. But to have a clear idea, let me detail them:

Lego Super Pack 66626

4209 – Fire Plane

4208 – Fire Truck

4427 – ATV

Lego Super Pack 66451

4431 – Ambulance

4432 – Garbage Truck

4435 – Car and Caravan

4433 – Dirt Bike Transporter

Lego Super Pack 66427

4439 – Heavy-Lift Helicopter

4436 -Patrol Car

4437 – Police Pursuit

4441 – Police Dog Van

Lego Super Pack 66346

4436 -Patrol Car

4437 – Police Pursuit

Lego Super Pack 66428

7498 – Police Station

7279 – Police Minifigure Collection

7235 – Police Motorcycle

4436 – 4436 -Patrol Car

Lego Super Pack 66412

7741 – Helicopter

7285 – Police Dog Unit

These are definitely six great options to buy or best of all to be soon a nice Christmas gift. Please take a look at some pictures:

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