Lego City Summer 2015 – The first rumors

Among a considerable number of rumor lists of different themes that have been circulating in the net, in the past days, I especially enjoyed the City 2015 summer set list. At the first glance I would say that is a bit far from being completed but through the names it’s possible to see, if being truth, that there’ll be a couple of new subthemes.

Once again with Eurobricks as the source, the Space seems to be back after four years, as well as an undersea exploration subtheme, each one of them with at least a full hand of new sets. There aren’t for now any kind of information about their sizes or prices, but looking at their names, at least in some of them, I guess that is already possible to imagine something.

The set includes also the city advent calendar as well as Metro MDP that sounds like a sort of subway or a monorail. Have a look the them:

60077 – Space Starter Set 

60078 – Utility Shuttle 

60079 – Training Jet Transporter 

60080 – Spaceport 

60090 – Deep Sea Scuba Scooter 

60091 – Deep Sea Starter Set 

60092 – Deep Sea Submarine 

60093 – Deep Sea Helicopter 

60095 – Deep Sea Exploration Vessel 

60098 – Metro MDP

60099 – 2015 Advent Calendar

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