Lego City- First Available Pictures of the Fire Sets

Finally some pictures of the fire sets with reasonable quality were revealed. The expectation was surely high and I must say that according to the available pictures, the fans will be delighted. Although some models make remember a few older city vehicles globally the new models are rather well conceived.

The fire car 60001 easily looks like a police vehicle painted with some red tones. The Fire truck 60002 is extremely similar to the good old ladder truck of the actual fire station 7208 and the new fire motorcycle is rather inspired (looks like a twin moto…) in this year captain America ‘s motorcycle (Lego 6865), for instance.On the other hand, in my opinion the fire emergency truck (Lego 60003) is a must and perhaps with a unique design among the fire vehicles. I love that ladder, perhaps because it is different from everything. The fire station is also different from the previous, it looks simpler but the big building with three floors surely is a good innovation.

The fire headquarters this time has a good heliport and I must say that I expected the helicopter a bit smaller. This one looks really nice and with a reasonable size. The fire helicopter (60010) has surely scored a bunch of points. It was not easy to create and new model and I must say that its front with a different cockpit has really convinced me, actually bit makes me remember the cabin of the 7939 locomotive.

Please have a look at the set boxes’ first pictures:

Fire Motorcycle 60000

Fire car 60001

Fire Truck 60002

Fire Emergency 60003

Fire Boat 60005

Fire helicopter 60010

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