Lego City 8402 – Sports Car

In a time when the news and rumors calmed down a bit, lets have a look at this nice and stylish convertible of 2009. Being a ten dollars set it is very easy and fast to build because it his quite small with less than seventy pieces. Besides the single mini-figure, it has also a nice orange phone booth, which is quite rare and an old style green tree.

The red Sports Car has a chassis made of a single piece, common is the vehicles of this size. When building it, the wheel arches look big but the final result is smooth. The cab has a decent blue seat for the driver but unfortunately it has no side doors. Looking at the car’s structure it was easy to add them with safety, but it is a detail that I appreciate is city vehicles.Obviously there is no roof in this vehicle, but its usual piece is present, being this time at the engine’s hood. The back is also well done but at the same time is very simple, nothing to point about it. A final note for the wheels, in this car, the white is definitely not my favorite color.However, globally it is a nice acquisition for the town. It has a decent price, even in the internet and also same nice features, and for some, it is the coolest car in the neighborhood. If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

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