Lego City 7990 – Cement Mixer

The Cement Mixer is a 2007’s set that still has no substitute. It is a nice city vehicle, especially if you have some building sets that surely deserve the effort to be discovered in the net (the prices look similar to the retail). With more than two hundred pieces and a mini-figure (worker) it is a nice addition to any town.

The truck has two double wheel axes which is unusual but explained by the vehicle’s type of work and the chassis escapes to the traditional structure. This time, the wheel axes are built separately and attach to a long central plate. The cab is also slightly different from the usual because it has not only a steering wheel but also a handle to maneuver the cement mixer.The cab has not been finished yet and the mixing mechanism is already started the building. An unique and very rare piece will be the base for some technical pieces and for the leverage that will be the base for the big blue mixer, which is basically two big symmetric pieces attached to each other through four technical pieces.At the back of the bed’s truck just below the mixer’s edge there is not only a base for the mixer but also an exit for the cement, which will be controlled by the worker, through a big hose with a pistol at the end. There are not too much accessories, perhaps a shovel would be the only one.A good vehicle for the town, for sure, that deserves the 20 dollars, for sure. If necessary, the instructions can be found in Lego’s database:

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