Lego City 7937 – Train Station

This train station is my last acquisition for the town and surely confirmed my expectations. Wondering about the passengers’ train that will soon arrive, the station is, in my opinion indispensable because it will give more value and also playability to the passengers train (or the cargo train if you have this one).

With three hundred and sixty pieces, this set has four mini-figures (two passengers, a station guard and the taxi driver), a convenience store, a ticket machine, the bridge structure with two floors and four railway tracks. Besides that, there are lots of accessories all around the station: lamps, a garbage can, bottles in the selling point, flowers, two chairs and much more.The station is very easy to build. Both sides are symmetric and use big plates as well as the stairs’ structure. The stairs are common to other city sets, such as the airport or the police headquarters, and the platforms are attached not only by the second floor pieces but also to the central railways.The small store is also well designed. It is built independently and is attached to the station through two technical pieces. The costumers can enter through a sliding door and inside it has room for the clients, for a cash register and a small expositor with six juice bottles. Outside, the space is quite well arranged, because there are two flowerpots, a lamp, a station clock and a big roof’s speaker. When this part is attached to the main station, it will receive two extra seats because these are placed in the platform’s edge.The Yellow taxi is similar to other city cars. However the cockpit is slightly different because it has room for two figures. Unfortunately the passenger doesn’t have the same rights than the driver and has to seat on the floor. Besides that minor aspect, the car has also a small trunk for a couple of suitcases. The roof is also different because it has two common roof pieces attached not only in the edges but also in the top. Plenty of stickers with “Taxi” will complete the decoration. Personally, I don´t like them, so I preferred not to stick anyone.Overall this is an indispensable set, especially if have a train or plan to purchase one. The station is quite different from the previous models and surely looks very modern. Combining it with the level crossing or a train, will surely bring lots of fun hours and mostly a big added value to the town. If necessary the instruction can be found in the following links:

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