Lego City 7936 – Level Crossing

If you have any kind of train in your town you will not miss this twenty dollars set, for sure. A crane vehicle, three (actually it’s four) rail tracks and a nice cross level passage, with two lifting barriers, for the cars, are definitely a good addition to the town and to the railway environment. The set has also a worker and some nice additional features.

Starting by the small vehicle, it is easy and fast to build but is rather different from everything. It has not only four common road tires, that allows it to circulate normally on the road, but at the back and in the front there are two additional axes with railway wheels which automatically puts it, with no difficulty, over the rails.As a vehicle, it doesn’t have much details, there is a naked cab with a steering wheel only, behind it there is the engine and in the right side there is perhaps its main features: a long and articulated arm that will be responsible for transport the new rail tracks, through the existing railway, to their final position. Besides the winch, the vehicle has also an extra digger whenever it is not working with the rails.On the other hand, the level crossing is surely the main purpose why people buy this set. When you add a train to the town sooner or later the train will cross the road plates. At that time, you will discover that is unpleasant, in terms of playability the numerous bumps that the cars are going to give, and will think “Why does not LEGO sell this level Crossing passages, separately?”And it is not over, because next to the level crossing, there are also two barriers and two road signs warning for the railway danger. Globally, the set is not cheap (it has less than hundred and fifty pieces) but its features surely worth the price. In necessary, the instructions can be found, right here:

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