Lego City 7741 – Police Helicopter

The Police Helicopter is a 2008’s set that is still in the active. With almost hundred pieces and a police officer (a pilot), it is a good addition for the Police theme. And if you have a Police station (the 7498 set, for instance) than it is surely a must because there is a heliport waiting for it.

It is very easy and fast to build it. The cockpit is very nice with a control panel at the front and a seat for the pilot. I only miss for one or two handles that would give it a more realistic look. Next to the cockpit there are two small compartments, one on each side, to store some tools.The roof is the only way to access the interior, so it (that is the usual piece) is easily removable to increase the playability. Below, the landing gear is a single piece which has place for a front spotlight. Talking about lights, there are lights everywhere and of different types: emergency, surveillance and presence with its traditional colors.The presence of the engine is not noticed, but the heli’s fan has some nice four blades that work pretty well. The officer has some nice but usual tool to work with, such as a pair of handcuffs, a spanner and even a video camera mounted in the landing gear. For about 11 dollars it is still easy to find in stores and the heli will be surely a good addition to the town.If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

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