Lego City 7737 – Coast Guard 4WD and Jet Scooter

The 4WD vehicle and the jet bike is a Coast Guard Set that has been released in 2008. With hundred and thirty pieces and a lifeguard, this is surely a colored set to add to the city. It is hard to find in stores but it is easily found in the net where can be purchased for a similar price that was used in the retail.

The vehicle is easy to build, it is extremely similar to the fire rescue car 7942, not only in shapes but also in size. The chassis is a single piece and the wheel arches are slightly raised. The cab has no kind of seat for the driver, and no side doors, which personally is a feature that I don’t like.The roof is easily removable to increase the playability, but this time is too much easy. At the back instead of the two blue pieces, there should be only one with two dots, and in the edges there should be two single dots to attach the roof more efficiently. This way, it easily falls if you barely touch it.The vehicle has other interesting features: a bar with two spotlights, a walkie-talkie and a big antenna. I wonder if an old school one wouldn’t be better. Talking about the trailer, it has nothing much, it has the usual attach mechanism and I personally enjoy the diving tools in the front (oxygen bottle, a helmet and the fins).Finally there is the jet scooter that is extremely easy to build with an excellent final result. I especially enjoy the life jacket and the handle bar. This colored set is huge in terms of playability because it interacts very well with other city sets. If you have the opportunity to buy it, don’t think twice. If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

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