Lego City 7733 – Truck and Forklift

This Cargo Set is a 2008’s set with almost three hundred and fifty pieces and two nice mini-figures. Beside the truck and its trailer, the set has also a nice forklift which will surely provide many hours of fun, loading and unloading the truck’s containers, as well as three nice load pallets with plenty of goods.

When start building the truck, you will soon notice that it is very similar, for instance, to the 7744 police vehicle. Even the roof piece is the same, with the exception of the color, of course. The chassis is based in a long piece with three wheel axes and the cab has the usual structure. The only thing that I still don’t like is the grid’s attachment. I keep thinking that is quite fragile.The only major difference is the attaching pieces. In this set the trailer is totally separated from the truck. Once the cab is built, next to it there is a large container with a big swinging door. The container is built separately and then attached to the truck’s bed. Inside, the truck has room for any of the three pallets.The trailer’s container is basically the same of the front one, but its building is different because the chassis of the trailer will be the container’s base and the wheel axes will be attached to it. However the strength keeps in good shape and the vehicle will do its job very well. A note only for the back lights, which are attached in a very unusual way.The forklift has a very nice design and is quite realistic not only in terms of its features but also when doing its job. The lift mechanism is a single piece but the result is satisfactory because the forklift handles very well with the pallets’ weight. It simply keeps its balance. Besides, there are some more nice details, such as all the safety structure for the driver, the two antennas in the roof the orange danger light.

Globally this set is a good addition to the town. The forklift is a different vehicle that interacts very well for instance in the airport or even the harbor. The truck with a trailer is also not very common in city sets. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss the deal. If necessary, the instructions can be found right in here:

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