Lego City 7726 – Coast Guard Truck with Speed Boat

The Coast Guard Truck is a 200’s set and having some nice features, sometimes looks more like a Technic set than a city one. It is very wide, especially the truck (8 dots) and of course it hardly crosses through other city vehicles in the road plates. The set has also a trailer with a good inflatable boat and a communication platform.

The truck is rather different from all the city trucks. Its width transforms for complete the cab’s interior. There is plenty of room for two seats without having the figures to touch or cross their arms. There is even room, next to the steering wheel for a small control panel. And the small little doors are also present, which personally I enjoy.Of course the roof is also different because it has two usual roof pieces that are removable to increase the playability. Behind, there is a big trunk which will carry easily the communication platform. It has even two side doors which open easily to provide a better access. However behind there’s no doors so you will have to be careful when the loaded truck is in movement.On the other hand there are many nice details: the wheels and respective axis which are rather big than usual, there are two spotlights on the roof, and the grid has a bar in case of tow’s needs. With a high suspension and those big wheels, this is surely an all road truck.

The trailer is also more complete than the usual boat trailer. There are also some technique pieces not only for the axis but also to the boat’s bed, and at the front there is a nice winch to load or unload the boat every time is necessary. It could not be more realistic. And there is also space for a couple of small side compartments to store some emergency tools.Finally the boat, who’s base is a single piece. The controls are protected with a usual windshield, but there should be also a handle to give more realism. In front of the cockpit, there is a nice compartment with a tipper door, perhaps to store the diving tools. The two twin engines look powerful and are made only with a couple of unique pieces.Than there are also some nice details such as the handholds, all across the boat, the protection bar with the two big antennas, the two floats and the safety chain at the bow. In land remains the communication platform, with an antenna and a barometer. An then I wonder, if one figure pilots the boats and the other dives who stays to operate the platform? Yes, there should be a third guy.This is a good addition for those who specially enjoy the cost guard theme. For me, there are better options. If desired, the instructions can be found right in here:

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